December 23, 2013

2014 Geographic Calendar by @matthunsberger

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Comics Review – Late December 2013

Technically, i read all these comics at once, like a week and a half ago, but hey, let me try my best to remember what was what. While it’s still fresh in my mind, let us get straight to it.

Velvet #2- Brubaker & Epting – Ok

Sometimes i wonder how successful writers/artists pitch work to publishers. Do they step in an office, greet their contacts warmly, and say “Hey i wanna do the same thing i’ve always done, again, will you publish it?” Do the publishers then respond “I dunno buddy, i’m not sure anyone will buy it..” and then they both laugh hysterically, “I’m just fucking with you. Sure, lets publish it. Nah, i don’t even need to see a script. I’m sure you can handle this. You’ve been doing it as long as I am,” There’s nothing wrong with Velvet. There really isn’t. Any critiques i’d have, would be pretty nitpicky (like the lettering of ZZZZZZZZ over a sleeping man’s body, in multiple panels), but overall, it was just a matter of boredom. What need is there for another generic, cat-suited super spy against generic FBI?CIA?WTF?LOL? goons? What need is there for gruff men with secrets, and sexy ladies who are gruff too, and gruff men who live on boats; by this point, i’ve seen it done by Angelina Jolie like at least seven times, and Velvet isn’t adding anything new.

There’s also the problem of almost every fucking floppy, is just this constant in-media res story telling. I understand the economic necessities of making a floppy, but these are writers who have been writing for years, and every year, i find less and less books that actually function as single issues. People wait for the trade, but what you end up with, are a bunch of single issues that didn’t work alone, but have so much padding, that the whole shitty story could’ve been told in a single issue. I guess that’s what job security in comics is, pull as many pages out of an idea as possible, and you can’t jump the shark, because careers don’t get canceled in comics, they just get promoted.

Should you read Velvet? I dunno. Did you watch that movie Salt? No? Well, i’d say don’t worry about it. The Conversation with Gene Hackman, much better espionage-ish type film. I’m so meh on Velvet i don’t even wanna curse. And that makes me sad.

Pretty Deadly #2 – DeConnick & Rios & Bellaire & Cowles – Art – Great, Words – Good/Ok

I ragged on DeConnick for Captain Marvel before, in November, and a book like Pretty Deadly is the far opposite of that Marvel series. I wouldn’t really know where a writer’s passions are, but something about Pretty Deadly, even though i didn’t really understand what was happening, felt like she REALLY REALLY cared about this book. You have some ideas, when you’re an artist/writer, that just sit in your heart like children that haven’t been born. You can see their features, hear how they’ll laugh, and even see how they’ll die. Then you get a chance to make those stories, and you don’t care what people say or if they like it or don’t, its yours and thats all that matters.

I really enjoyed it, and the art, the sequential story telling, the ladies that be lookin’ fierce, was really excellent. Sometimes i watch Beyonce videos, and all i can think is how she’s really gotten down every one of her moves and the whole look. Its just on point. Emma Rios, is on point. This is a book that i’d see young cats try to emulate and fail at. There’s panel layouts going on in this book that stretch your muscles til they might pop. Personally, i’m fairly conservative with my panel layouts, so seeing something like this makes me think about what i can do with my own game.

The story is kind of dreamy, and at times, i had trouble figuring out who was talking to who, and what the hell they were talking about. But rather than feeling frustrated with it, it really just made me want to keep reading more, so i could figure it out. If you can make me care, even though i feel disoriented, i’d say you’ve just pulled off a nice hat trick. High five, there’s passion in this book, and this is new. So i think this might be the first book from my reviews, where i’ll actually go and buy #3 (and #1)

Viking’s End – Rich Tommaso Great

This is my favorite of the week. Have y’all ever listened to Hardcore History? That podcast right there, its the real deal. You guys need to put down your lame ass comics, for a second, and learn something real, something substantial, or something like Viking’s End. History was really fucked up. People spend a lot of time thinking about today’s every day cruelties. In the last day alone, i saw Paul Walker’s crushed face and burnt body, i’ve seen a black kid bleeding out on a San Francisco street, I’ve read about Scott Lobdell getting his dick all hard like a 5th grade poindexter and not knowing how to deal. 

A bit of a tangent here, but i think about sex pretty god damn often, like shit, human procreation is really fucking mind-bending, but i ain’t once ever been on a panel and looked at a person next to me and thought ‘Time to get some. Yes. right now. This will work. Lets do this.” Come on man. Every time i read about harassment in comics, I think this, in this order: 1. AGAIN!? REALLY!? AGAIN!? WHAT ARE YOU, TWELVE??! 2. You should get punched in the face 3. These motherfuckers ain’t got no fucking game. Here’s a bit of advice, for anyone who’s trying to get laid. Treat the person you wanna see naked with respect. At best, you get laid and at worst, you’ve treated a human humanely. You don’t ever have to worry about being a creep, if you respect people’s boundaries, respect their work, and respect when they aren’t interested.

Apologizing for some person ‘not getting your humor’ is such bullshit. Sometimes, i wonder how male cartoonists would feel, if i kept implying that they got nice dick-sucking lips during a panel. Then i’d say “BRO, I’m JUST JOKING!” I’m not gonna pretend to be some noble post-masculine feminist, cause i’m as much of a meathead chauvinist as any other dude from Jersey (i’m working on it), but any time i’ve done some fucked up shit, i didn’t wait til i read about it on to respond. The time for apologies, isn’t years later. Straight dudes live in a bubble of knowing they can get away with anything, but there’s a god damn reckoning coming. Scott Lobdell apologized with the quickness, cause the internet hate machine does not have patience for your sluggish reply. I recently replied to a post about this, asking “why don’t people just name names” and got a schooling from Laura Hudson. I got my own bubble of being an aggressive straight dude, where honestly, i’m not gonna come up against many situations where i can’t solve with more aggression. In some ways, i can’t see beyond my own bubble. But i can see, that if you’re gonna be a creep in comics, you’ve just about used up all your get-out-of-jail free cards.  Its been hard out there for a lot of people, and now, straight white dudes, you can join the rest of us in the gravel pit.

Okay okay…speaking of white dudes, let’s get back to that Viking comic. I’m sorry Rich Tommaso, cause your comic was both historically enlightening and also wonderfully drawn. It’s got a bit of a chris ware feel? I’m not sure, but you know, little square boxes and geometric humans, that kind of stuff. And the story is about some little brat, who goes straight gangsta, and kills a man’s daughter, after getting her drunk. No victim blaming here, but i know better than to hang out with murderous barbarians who’s family has been at war with my family. It’s actually kind of hilarious, even though its just a cruel trick to get the father to join the battle. It works, the Father is pissed and smarter than the little shit, and the the little shit gets 86’d. Justice was swift on the battlefield, and i’m always aghast at how much blood we used to shed on the regular. I’ve cried thinking about 9/11, but human history would place that event in a thimble, compared to the buckets of guts that other massacres have been. The ending was a sweet surprise, so i won’t spoil it, but everything in this book is delightful. Sorry about the tangent again.

In Pace Requiescat – Sean T. Collins & Julia Gfrorer – Art – Good , Words – ???

Who wants to read a comic about glory holes? Who likes Edgar Allen Poe? This comic is for you. Good Art, but the rest? Personally, and this i’m admitting is a bit more biased, more just my tastes, i felt this was just an artsy indie idea that didnt amount to much to me. Like any time you’ve gone to an art gallery, and you’re with friends, and they are watching a video of a dead fox slowly decomposing, and you don’t wanna be the first dude to be like ‘i don’t get it’ or leave, so you watch the whole thing too. But then you watch it like 3 times, and realize your friend has been waiting for you to leave, but neither of you know when this thing properly ends, so you are just kinda waiting for some kind of interruption. Then a complete stranger gets up and leaves, so you leave too. Man, that shit is so awkward.

Keep Fresh – Zejian ShenArt – Ok, Words – ???

Real creepy, and if you want to read this in english, good luck, because all the english text is crammed in the bottom of each page haphazardly. In a way, it kinda adds to the creepy effect, but by the end of the comic, i missed something and didn’t know what, so i could not figure out the conclusion. Sometimes, i just feel straight up stupid. I think “Is it me? Do i just not have the reading comprehension necessary for this comic?” My high self esteem quickly discards that question, and replaces it with “WHY CAN’T I READ THIS SHIT!?” But nah, this isn’t shit. I actually enjoyed it, because i like reading sorta-horror comic about motorcycle dude smashing the brains out of a pervert with a hammer.

I wonder why that image would appeal to me? I wonder….

On Your Marks, Short Run Anthology #1 – Various ArtistsGood!

There was some not so good comics in this, but some very good comics too. And it was mostly very good. Most of the time i read anthologies, and i just think “great, inaccessible toilet paper” But this was a quick read of enjoyable short comics. Notable stand outs –

Spirit Hand by Gfrorer – Real creepy and unsettling

Tuesday by Aidan – pitch perfect description of depression in six panels

This Magic Ring & Crab story by JFish – would love to read more adventures of these characters, and probably has the most possibility for expansion.

That’s it y’all. Mostly a good week. Besides some boring comic and some inscrutable comics, everything else was really enjoyable. Cheers to you!

December 22, 2013

Write A House / SUPPORT THIS

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Write A House is a twist on the “Writer’s Residency.”
In this case, the writer is simply given the house, forever.


December 21, 2013

the beautiful work of @ytje_veenstra

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December 19, 2013

Secret Headquarters @theSHQ

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In LA? Check this awesome shop out!

December 16, 2013

Comics Review – Mid December 2013

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I decided i’m not gonna write the artists names and stuff in the title anymore, just cause sometimes there’s way too many artists to be writing in that small title line. And date seems more relevant for me. It’s been a long time since my last write up, which was the wrap up of November. December has started off on fire though, really enjoyed most of the last two week’s comics. I never know what i’m gonna get, and i don’t care if it’s #2 or #1 or #343 of a series, i just read it and leave it, on to the next one. As always, my rating system is: Horrible, Crappy, OK, Good, Great, AMAZING. I realize right now, that sometimes i say something is terrible instead of horrible. Probably not the most reliable system, but hey, nobody’s perfect. And if there’s a significant difference in the quality of art vs. writing, that’ll be indicated.

FINAL CRISIS – Grant Morrison & J.G.Jones – Art – Good, Words – ALL OVER THE PLACE

Morrison will never be as good as he wants to be. I suspect that Morrison thinks he’s better than he’s ever been. This comic is 5 years old at this point, and it’s interesting to see that for all the wordage, Morrison’s ‘love letter to the superhero genre,’ has led to a point in his career where the relationship is as stale as a middle aged wife’s sweatpants that she purchased in her big plan to get fit again. If you look at the new 52 and you read Final Crisis, you can see how big their dreams were, and there are points in the story where you believe, that this shit can really make you believe in spandex. The whole segment of Superman in the omniverse or whatever, is Morrison really running at full speed towards the galactic barrier, his muscles all sinewy and the beads of sweat falling off his brow like diamond stars. But oh fuck, motherfucker got a cramp, and he just shit his pants. Constantly, the story reaches high, and then it hits a ceiling. That ceiling is SUPERHERO COMICS ARE MADE BY AND FOR IDIOTS. Yes, there’s really great stuff out there, but as long as this narrative of Final Crisis has to come back down to the world of mortals, it is slave to a story that will ultimately CHANGE nothing, and as a result, SAY nothing. Beyond Superman 3D on it’s own, would have benefited immensely if it really was JUST ALONE. But its place in the complete story, just doesn’t make much sense, even if on its own its the strongest story (and sorta about story).

Darkseid is the big evil. But there’s a bigger evil, its this vampire guy. Why are they evil? What do they want beyond just “I SHALL END THE UNIVERSE?” Nothing. You know what kinda story that is? Its the same exact story my six year old self made up when i played with toys. Morrison wants to be a great writer, but at the end of the day, he’s constrained by the fact that he has just written a really complex plastic Skeletor action figure plot, and that all his notions of story and character, all the conflicts he’s set up, he’s solved by having them punch each other. Grant Morrison has written some of my favorite stories, and his All-Star Superman is my definitive Superman. But event books don’t do the very thing that they should do. Instead, they wimper along like a bitch ass, insisting that you read this comic and that comic, and that this is all real important, and i’m saying something really big here, but its like a limp dick in a magnum condom: All intention, no erection.

Overall, if you wanna see batman get written out of a comic in a sloppier fashion than Richie Cunningham’s brother, then this comics is for you. It’s got chunks of story that work, but overall, this love letter to superheroes is marked ‘return to sender’. Its enjoyable fluff thats weighed down by meta-pretensions that amount to nothing.

Final Verdict – Read Superman Beyond 3D, don’t go beyond the robot superman part. And there’s some beautiful comic covers in this series.

Deep Frito – Matt FurieArt – BAD Words – Sometimes sorta funny? Eh. Read it in the store.

Ugly is popular. This story has got ugly subject matter, ugly drawings, and its got way too much Dude-ogling for my comfort. I get it, that that’s the point, taking a kind of indifferent look at some carnival kids being losers, but for fuck’s sake, is that all we get sometimes? As a writer, i don’t want to take an indifferent look, i want to actually say something. This reminds me of St.Owl’s Bay, which was in the same vein. I lived this life, i went to carnivals and said stupid things about girls. I grew up, being a pervert, i had friends who were juggalos, and i treated girls like they were just things to put my dick in. You know why i don’t write a comic about it? Because i don’t need to get praised for being a little snot nosed shithead. But all these comics, in a way, are just masturbatory ruminations on being a gross person. They don’t provide any insight, and its basically bathroom graffiti as a genre. I’m not gonna say this doesn’t deserve to exist, but i won’t think it would look out of place next to a shit smear.

Inhumanity – Matt Fraction & Coipel and some other artists randomly, OK

Speaking of EVENT comics, this is Marvel’s next event. And it’s really hard to care. Like i wanna believe, “Fraction’s ’bout to do a slick freestyle, bust some heads and spill some blood like an OG” but i don’t believe it. I know that this comic is gonna be a long long long adventure that won’t end, just sorta of transition to a new event. Perhaps, Ironman will have a new outfit by the end of the book. Who knows. Still, there’s some good moments, but it’s really just a huge exposition issue. It also commits the unforgiveable sin of switching artists mid story and then switching back. Fuck that noise. Marvel, you and your artists and your writers are all professionals. Your only job is drawing funny books, month after month after month. Unless i read that the artist cut his thumb open, midway through the book, there’s no excuse for it. Its simply shitty. Leinil Yu provides like 3 pages, and it’s nice, but still, just don’t do it. This is a minor distraction in this book, but i’ve seen comics that had like 4 different artists. Just scrap that shit and start over. Anyway, Light-bulb head is speaking wise on some inhuman history, which is cool and all, and then the first issue ends with a predictable C-level type hero dying. You don’t get event comics without sending one of your characters into comic book limbo.

Gray City – Ryan Dirks – Ok/Good

Don’t got much to say about this, its pretty trippy, has got grey aliens on grey paper, and the mood itself is pretty grey. I prefer to spell grey with an E by the way. Even though the art isn’t really polished, i found myself enjoying this surreal noirish little diddy. He’s set up a weird scenario, got the dude with amnesia figuring it out along with the reader, and who doesn’t like black eyed Greys staring at you from a page. I was speaking to Brandon Graham recently, about the quality of art and how the soul of a comic is somehow tied to that, and ‘nicer’ art would somehow diminish the entire work. This might be a good example of that. The wonkiness kinda adds to the atmosphere.

Black Science – Remender & Scalera & Dean White – Art – Good, Words – OK

I mentioned earlier this evening, that i can’t fucking stand human breasts on ALIEN species. Like, do dudes not even think twice about making some frog creatures look like Beyonce? Is that the only way we can understand why the main hero decides to save the frog-damsel in distress. Its not that looking at sexy women or drawing them or any of that shit is bad, its that its so boring. Here, they’ve drawn a world of giant tortoise islands, with tribal frogs living on them, and skies of lightning, and their imagination got short-circuited when they got to Frog-lady. The story on the whole moves fast, and the inner monologue of the hero is a bit whiney. I’m not sure if his wife is already, or might die, but he’s gotta save his kids, he keeps talking about, and then his female partner gets killed, she must not die in vain, then he saves the frog lady, and frog-dude saves him in return from other frog dudes. Males just don’t think for a second, how corny and redundant their story choices are, but if this comic was called SUPER MARIO DIMENSION, it wouldn’t seem out of place. I think if it was a bit fresher than George Lucas’ rhyme book from the 1970s, it could be a great comic. The art was top notch, and i did like the hustle of the story, but how many times do i gotta read about a dude who’s motivation is some dead ladies. Remender should’ve killed the kids, that’d take balls. No one ever shoots the kids in the face.

Hawkeye #14 – Matt Fraction & Annie Wu & Matt Hollingsworth – GREAT

Now this is what a Superhero comic should be. I haven’t read a floppy comic, that was this simple, this fun, this well drawn, this well colored, this well written, since when comics were in bodegas. You remember those comics, that had the hostess cake ads in them, the rough paper, and when you were a kid, you knew you probably wouldnt be able to buy the next issue, cause your pops wasn’t always so generous. This reminded me of that feeling. Its got a hook for the next issue, but it just STANDS ALONE. Why is this unique? Why don’t all floppies aim for being a good read, in the here and now, rather than craft some soap-opera garbage for emotionally stunted manboys. I gotta make a special mention for Matt Hollingsworth, cause that man is a samurai slicing flower petals. Colorists are like when you hear a rapper throw a producer’s name into a song, cause you know that song would fall apart without the man behind the curtain. He’s got a style thats unique, subtle and completely inspiring. If i was a colorist, i’d turn off the photoshop filters, open this book and listen like moses did to the burning bush. This is your education. This was the best read, and it wasn’t nothing complex or trying to be transformative. It just looked at its medium, look at it’s genre, took all those ingredients and made a perfect meal.

Also, why aren’t comics on  magazine stands. WWE magazine is on magazine stands? US Weekly serves up garbage every week. Why hasn’t any major publisher decided to venture back out there? I really don’t know, i’m not too wise on that side of things, so anyone care to enlighten me, just let me know on facebook or the comments. (here’s the discussion!)

Conditions on the Ground – Kevin Hooyman Good!

I liked this. Its navel-gazey, but its doing it in the right way. If you’re gonna be philosophical, actually ask a question thats actually kinda intelligent. Not something like “I wonder if god exists” Who gives a shit anymore? But even more importantly, your answer to the unanswerable is the very craft of your comic. The answer in this comic is a big ol’ Big Foot, that doesn’t really seem annoyed or disinterested, but just having it’s own questions. The Bigfoot is quiet though, sometimes you just listen, sometimes listening is what gives us the most comfort. A lot of the short stories feel like that, with an end that is comfortable with just having been able to verbalize what we sorta day dream about. These aren’t any big questions, and the back cover ends the book with the words, “Easy does it” Easy does it is exactly how this comic feels. I would give this to someone who was having some weird days.

I got a like six more to go, Pretty Deadly and Velvet and some other things, but i’m tired. So I’ll review those later! Seeya later!


December 14, 2013

.@alantutorial amazing @youtube performance art

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While I’m sure this isn’t the actual account of Boogie Boy, good lord this performance art gives me the shivers and oddly makes me think of Devo or Harmony Korine… Really awkwardly thrilling youtube performance videos

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