April 15, 2013

Filip Perai’s @moleskin ‘s

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As computers take over our lives, I find the simplicity of a Moleskin filled with sketches more and more appealing and meaningful. The time, effort and intimacy all appeal to me. Filip’s portfolio is full of wonderful sketches. While it’s lovely to see some of them fleshed out with paint, I really enjoy diving into his line work.





Justin Blyth updates

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Call In The Night

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If I didn’t have to get up so early every day, I would totally do this: callinthenight.com

Call in the Night is an experimental radio show and telephone network documenting the nighttime experience. Anyone with a phone can participate!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Once a week, sometime after 2am eastern time, we’ll call your phone
  2. After a short prompt, you’ll be connected with another caller to discuss your night, your dreams, or whatever comes to mind
  3. Your call is recorded and saved. If your call is selected we’ll use it in our podcast

April 13, 2013

Artomatic 419! 2013 Amazing! #Toledo

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Toledo’s bi-annual art circus Artomatic 419 is back! This year, the event boasts well over 500 creatives sharing their visual and performing arts with an audience thats going into thousands upon thousands. This free to the public event celebrates ALL forms of creativity, from sculpture to screaming, all five sense are affected by this event. There are surprises around every corner!

As I’ve  blogged in the past, many of the artists in Toledo choose to be here… and it shows in the effort they put into events like this. They are proud of their city and community, and it rubs off on everyone in attendance.

For the first four Artomatics, I was deeply involved in the planning and execution of the event. Huge events like this take a lot of time from a lot of people. Blood, sweat, tears and a ton of paint. While I was loosely involved in the steering committee aspect, I chose to sit this one out for the set-up and planning. Why? Because I wanted to experience Artomatic as the public does. Walking around the building, exploring, and discovering new things.



Well let me tell you something… I’m glad I did it. It’s amazing! The feeling of walking into the space for the first time this afternoon, seeing how much time and effort everyone put into the space just shocked me. They’ve turned a 60,000 sq foot empty warehouse into a building overflowing with life and vibrancy.

If you are in or around Toledo over the last 3 Saturdays this April, you should visit Artomatic. Each Saturday offers different live entertainment and experiences. More information can be found here: theartscommission.org/programs/artomatic








April 12, 2013

Hellen Jo!!!! Super Punx Watercolor Paintings.

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Hellen Jo is an illustrator based out in California whose work is super punx and is all done in watercolor. If you haven’t checked out her work or haven’t bought one of her zines, I highly recommend doing one or both of these things.

April 11, 2013

The work of Craig Hansen

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Dang, this dude is both wonderfully conceptual and absolutely talented on several fronts. www.craigwork.com


“Crossing Cultures” at @ToledoMuseum WOW

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I was lucky to be part of a preview session tonight for a new show opening tomorrow at the Toledo Museum of Art. “Crossing Cultures” offers a stunning view into the last few decades of art created by Australian Aboriginals.

Growing up, and being educated in America I had no knowledge of the LONG history of the Aboriginal people of Australia. I was completely unaware of their 50,000 year history in Australia or that they were only considered “human” by the contemporary government in my lifetime. It was only in 2008 that Prime Minster Kevin Rudd issued a public apology to members of the “Stolen Generations.”

Long story short, there is an INCREDIBLE history of creative dialog in Australia that has only recently been documented and produced for sale. It’s so recent, it’s not a part of many of our collective conscious because it’s just so “new” to non Aboriginals.


In addition to pieces of art that were clearly and obviously “Australian” there are also some very contemporary pieces by Aboriginals that are more aligned with “urban” culture created by Aboriginals that live in major cities versus some of the artists living off the land. The show greets you with some photography that is absolutely stunning.




If you’re in or around the Toledo area… heck if you live within a 1/2 day drive of Toledo, you should check out this show. It’s eye opening, amazing, and completely different aesthetically than what you’re used to. More info here: www.toledomuseum.org/exhibitions/crossingcultures


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