March 31, 2013

coming soon, Think Faest drives by @matthewcurry

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Via USB Memory Direct! More info soon…

@UpperPlayground presents: GIANT—Eternal

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Long time friend of Faesthetic, and the dude that covered my forearms in tattoos, Mike “the man” Giant has released a new monograph.

You should buy it.

“International icon of black ink, artist Michael (GIANT) LeSage incorporates a broad swathe of influences and skills in the creation of a singular, unmistakable aesthetic. Mike’s central practice, drawing, is informed by his training in architectural drafting, his illustrious career as a tattooist and worldwide exploits writing on walls. Within his latest and most complete monograph, the reader will enjoy photos of perfectly executed tattoos, page after page of Mike’s inscrutable tattoo flash, hand lettering nonpareil, and of course tons of drawings, graffiti pieces and action shots. GIANT’s worldwide exploits, inking people, places and finer drawing paper around the world from Amsterdam to London, Thailand, Toronto, New York and back home to San Francisco are also given due prominence. Buddhism, track bikes, designing for apparel brand Rebel8, and painting fill Lesage’s hours, but at the end of the day, it all comes full circle, back to his unwaveringly mindful, solid black lines.” 

March 27, 2013

Human Rights Campaign via @Prate

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If you’re on Facebook, and you have gay friendly friends, you more than likely saw a lot of red & pink equal signs in your feed yesterday. And if you’re like me and lucky enough to be married to Jemma Hostetler, you saw some particularly awesome ones show up.






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Meet Gerald!

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From the press release: “More than 100 of the world’s most exciting and influential artists, illustrators and designers including Oliver Hibert, Tatiana Arocha, Insa, Stanley Chow, Kai and Sunny and Pete Fowler have taken a paper dog and made it their own as part of the two-year Gerald Project. Culminating in a book launch and exhibition taking place atNew York Design Week, the collaborative sculpture exchange is one of the most ambitious in the history of art and design.”

Sam D’Orazio updates

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I was already a big fan of Sam’s work, but I feel like his newest pieces have really come a long way. His super stylized voice, and tweaked paint by numbers style really speaks to me.


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A new collage every day. Certainly a fun experiment!

March 23, 2013

“Every person in New York” by @polan turns 5 today!

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3136. Man on E Train 3-6-2013

One of my favorite on-going art projects turns 5 today. How time flies!

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