December 24, 2012

Kelsey Short makes zines!

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Photo on 12-24-12 at 5.59 PM

Photo on 12-24-12 at 5.59 PM #2

Beeeeeautifully illustrated and written zines. Looks like her shop is down, so shoot her an email if you want one!

Romka Magazine

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Photo on 12-24-12 at 5.48 PM

Photo on 12-24-12 at 5.48 PM #2

Photo on 12-24-12 at 5.49 PM

Romka is an absolutely fabulous photo zine out of Germany. The layout is gorgeous, and the content is thoughtful. Highly recomended!

December 22, 2012

Stéphanie Mato

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Richard Alexander Heckert

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Crazy shit out of germany!

Ross Phillips

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December 18, 2012

@mtv House Of Style > House Of Style | Ep. 11 | Justin Van Hoy (RIP)

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Get More:
MTV House Of Style

December 2, 2012


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Hopefully you heeded my recommendation 9 months ago, and signed up for the zine of the month club. You get SO MUCH bang for your buck, it’s not even funny. Mark Price does a fantastic job of putting out an eclectic line of zines with a massive DIY flare. Each issue features new aesthetics and artists.

Falling victim to the digital world we now exist in, getting a monthly does of handmade art zines, produced via a variety of methods is refreshing. In the past few months I’ve received silk screen’d zines, photo copied zines, and color printer zines all produced with the spirit that first got me excited about making zines 15 years ago.

The zine culture is alive and well. For those of you that don’t QUITE understand it yet, sign up for the zine of the month club and get yourself familiarized!

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