June 30, 2012

“Things Change” by Joe Peel

9:45 pm in art,streets,video dustin hostetler

What a terrific project!

Seth Scantlen

9:42 pm in art events dustin hostetler

Faesthetic #4
contributor Seth Scantlen has been producing some pretty solid work.

Bobby Nixon

9:38 pm in art dustin hostetler

Holy crap this dude’s work is INSANE!

Brian Butler has some awesome stuff for sale

9:34 pm in art dustin hostetler

From really cool paintings to zines, he’s got some great stuff up to purchase if you’re looking to add a little more art into your life. Reasonably priced as well!

noelia Lozano

9:28 pm in art dustin hostetler

Illustration work with a paper craft bend. I love the depth!

Alexa Thoen

9:24 pm in art dustin hostetler

Alexa makes the kind of vector art that would have killed a computer to produce just 10 years ago. Whimsical and VERY complicated. As a vector artist myself, I can’t even imagine how long it must take her to produce something like the above image. Ouch.

Nicholas James Lockyer “Paper Phantasm”

9:13 pm in art dustin hostetler

I love Nicholas’s scary spin on collage work. Part of me would really love to see these images / compositions re-imagined as paintings. They certainly have a story to tell.

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