April 24, 2012


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Alexis Anne Mackenzie – Look Alive | Solo Exhibition at KRETS

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…The majority of the works shown at KRETS are based on the silhouettes that remain when the artist cuts out images from book pages. The outer lines of these figures are then placed on other images and creates a resonance between overlooked negative spaces made visible.

Title of the exhibition works are created in a characteristic technique of the artist, floral elements arranged into compositions that make up words and phrases. The characters are subtly incorporated into the pictures, but appear after a moment’s consideration. Using photographic elements instead of only illustrated material creates a very different expression than in her earlier works. Also new are still-life elements – to mix objects and artifacts that often represent prevailing aesthetic and cultural ideals. Books, sculptures, vases and extravagant floral bouquets; markers of status, wealth, intellect and identity.

Throughout Look Alive is an exploration of inner worlds and how they are transmitted and projected onto the visible world. All collages are created by hand – cut out from books and carefully assembled as unobtrusively as possible and without obvious seams. The intention is to depict the world as somewhat flawed but beautiful – a shining place with a contrasting dark side.


April 20, 2012

Zach Arrow – I love shit like this

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Zach Arrow is the internet personified as artist.

April 19, 2012

Dimas Forchetti

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April 17, 2012

Art needs to be provocative – Makode Linde

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I’m not really interested in talking about politics on this blog, but I am interested in talking about this. I’ve watched the below video a few times, and my mind is just completely fucking blown. Swedish artist Makode Linde during his performance piece on female gentile mutilation.

From his FB page: “Documentation from my female genital mutilation cake performance earlier today at stockholm moma. This is After getting my vagaga mutilated by the minister of culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth. Before cutting me up she whispered “Your life will be better after this” in my ear.”

Before doing any research on the project, all I could think was “what the fuck? this is amazing!”  But now after a little digging, I’m finding that there is QUITE the uproar taking place in Sweden. There are calls for the Minister of Culture to step down. There are posts on his FB page from people around the world, expressing their disgust on what they view to be racist exploitation on the part of the artist AND the attendees of the event at Stockholm’s Moma. That being said, I’m still all  “what the fuck? this is amazing!” about this project.

Why? Because it has people talking about the disgusting practice of female genital mutilation AND it’s provided me one of the most disturbing and fascinating scenes in recent memory. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about Makode Linde as time progresses. And I for one am looking forward to it.

update 4/23/12: a great post about the project...

April 16, 2012

Joshua Hibbert

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On occasion I’ll get an email from someone so outstandingly talented, it makes me scratch my head and wonder why they aren’t a household name.

I present to you a young, London based Joshua Hibbert. Having only graduated from college last year, he’s already got an eclectic and impressive portfolio. I have been staring at his work for the past 30 minutes, and I’m really getting sucked in. His ethereal use of color, and ghostly images really excites me.

I hope in fact he someday is a household name, but like a favorite band you liked before they got big, I also wish I could keep him all to myself. But that wouldn’t be right. You need to check this kid’s work out.

OH NANCY call for artists

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More info found in this little pdf found here.


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