June 30, 2011

Hell No. Photo book by Garrett Faber

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I’ve got mixed emotions about digital publishing. Sure, I make Faesthetic on a computer, but the final product is always on paper. Something about holding the art in your hands just feels right. That said, digital publishing has come a long way in the past year and now sites like Blurb aren’t looking so bad. Previewing a magazine online before you buy / print your own copy isn’t much different than flipping through a magazine at the bookstore before buying.

Enter Garrett Faber and his new photo zine Hell No. He’s a really good photographer, that seems to really get his subject matter. (mostly pretty girls) and his subjects seems really comfortable in front of him, which translates into a lot of feel good, fun times photos.

June 21, 2011

Portrait of ME by Kristina Collantes!

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As previously mentioned, I really like Kristina Collantes’ work.
I love it even  more, now that she’s drawn a picture of me!!!

June 18, 2011

Sara Barnes embroidery

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I’d really like to have some of Sara’s work hanging on my walls.
Love the detail & whimsy.

June 17, 2011

LA Works on Paper “FAILE: A Decade of Prints & Originals”

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Faesthetic collaborators FAILE have a new show at POST NO BILLS in Venice.
It looks awesome!

POST NO BILLS presents…

LA Works on Paper
“FAILE:  A Decade of Prints & Originals”

June 24 – July 24, 2011

The highly anticipated opening of the Venice Beach-based print shop, POST NO BILLS launches with a unique ten-year retrospective from the acclaimed Brooklyn-based artist collaborative? FAILE.

Recognized for their bold graphic imagery gracing street, museum and gallery walls worldwide, FAILE? the multimedia artist duo? celebrates their roots in printmaking with over a decade’s worth of archived works on paper, limited edition prints and hand painted originals? many of which have never been offered to the public before. POST NO BILLS is pleased to release several exclusive print editions produced onsite.

Join FAILE, Steve Lazarides and Jordan Bratman for the groundbreaking launch of POST NO BILLS and the opening reception for “LA Works on Paper” on Friday June 24, 2011 from 7-10pm.

Megan Martin’s Dress Paintings

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I love these simple dress paintings made by Megan Martin.

“After I moved to this wonderful city from Los Angeles, I was inspired to paint all the fashions of San Francisco… I started to paint the favorite dresses borrowed from my good girlfriends here. Each dress expresses their unique personality and it was a fun way to bring my love of fashion and painting together.”

Stubborn Sideburn iPad2 cases!

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SS drops a really nice iPad2 case this week, via Grovemade. Super quality!

June 15, 2011

William Emmert updates (image dump!)

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“Most of these are remakes of posters from my room as a kid or other objects from my childhood.”~ William Emmert

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