September 27, 2010

Katamari Art Show / Fundraiser

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Pictured above, we see the creator of the best video game in the entire universe (Katamari Damacy) Keita Takahashi, checking out the Katamari themed work hanging at Floating World Comics in Portland. All of the work from the show is currently up for auction on ebay, and the money is all being donated to charity! Prices are crazy low, and the work is killer. Yes, I have a piece in the show, and yes, I am obsessed with Katamari. If this clouds my editorial judgment, oh well. I love Katamari.

September 26, 2010


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Peppermill is a netlabel based in British Columbia. Their new project, “2999” presents artists interpretations of what it will be lilke 989 years from now.

Daniel Eyva

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I love it when smart people make art. I present to you the work of Daniel Eyva. Check out this crazy link, as an example of the insanity he is capable of.

September 25, 2010

my vote for best video of 2010

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via El Guincho

September 24, 2010

jason rood

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Michigan based Jason Rood is pumping out some great work. He has a very distinct style, from his lines to his use of color. Chalk me up as a fan.

Don’t forget! The most amazing thing ever!

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I wish I could spend more (or any!) time with David Byrne

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This man consistently blows my mind. From music to thought. (tks KELLY!!!)

Make sure to head to the blog to see the video, if it’s not showing up in your RSS

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