December 31, 2009

Futura 2000 Interview

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Check out this insightful interview with Faesthetic #4 contributor, FUTURA 2000 (via Slamxhype!)

December 29, 2009

yan copelli

10:17 pm in art dustin hostetler


I am here to offer you another visual treat from Brazil,
this time in the form of Yan Copelli’s Flickr page

Duda Lanna

5:13 pm in art dustin hostetler


Brazilian artist Duda Lanna has some great work up on his Flickr page

Chinatown Flat Ball

4:24 pm in art,design,product dustin hostetler



It’s no secret that we love the work of Dan Funderburgh, so it should come as no surprise that I really dig this new print Dan did with Arkitip. The colors are spot on, and the details are out of control. While Arkitip doesn’t mention it on the product page… just as the title of the print implies… you can cut out the ball and make your own most amazing papercraft ball.


December 22, 2009


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Of course I love the work of Denis Carriers. Do you think i’m crazy?!

Shai Kagan via Flickr

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Next time you’re cruising around Flickr, check out Shai Kagan’s set.

Did It Happen?

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While i’ll always prefer printed zines to E-zines… the presentation and execution in Did It Happen by Ori Toor is fan-fucking-tastic.

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