October 30, 2009


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I absolutely love and support the concept of Jason Polan‘s new exhibition. Artist as curator… He’s one of my favorite artists, and also one of my most favorite friends. “Please Trust Me is an exhibition of all different things.  The source material ranges from comic book panels, to pages from LIFE Magazine, to notes found on the street.  There are particular shapes, lines, letters and texts that I like and want to show to you. A new book will accompany the exhibition.” Opening reception: Friday, November 6th, 7 – 10 pm @ Lump Gallery (Raleigh, NC)

New Atomic Activity Book

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Free world-wide delivery. Do it.

Benjamin Phillips

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Benjamin Phillips has a lot of work that would appeal to children and adults alike. I particularly like his Batman Series.


Jessica Walsh

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I’m tragically late in discovering Jessica Walsh‘s work. Classic & contemporary graphic design at it’s best. Design illuminati gods, please forgive me.

Vincent Pacheco

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Vincent Pacheco

Erase the Face

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New Zine out now from You & Neru!

Jeremy Backo

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Jeremy Backo is a super young dude from Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to his growing illustration portfolio, he’s a budding photographer and I like what I seeeeeeeeee.

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