August 31, 2009

summer is almost over

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I wanted to pass along this video I made, celebrating a great summer in Toledo.
I hope your summer has been as awesome too…

Bikes / Toledo / Friends on Vimeo.

August 27, 2009

the future of music videos?

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Check out this unexpectedly amazing interactive Music Video for Placebo by the always awesome Champagne Valentine

August 26, 2009

Ryan Riss is Craptical

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I met Ryan Riss for the first time, when I was part of a two man show at the Lab 101 Gallery in 2004. He was working at the gallery, and just starting out on his own art path. 5 years later, I check out his website and see he is completely killing it with the black and white metal style. I don’t know what he’s doing day to day, but I hope his full time job is painting vans and leather jackets. I Love this stuff. I can’t believe I haven’t posted about him before…



August 25, 2009

Iván Mayorquín

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Mexico based Iván Mayorquín, makes some fun work.

Daniel Fishel

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Daniel Fishel is a talented young man based out of Philly.

Adrienne Langer

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I like Adrienne Langer‘s super flat style

Chrystal Chan

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A lot of the work on Chrystal Chan‘s website is not specifically the kind of stuff i’m drawn to… lots of commercial styles that borders on being a little too cute for my tastes. But after a little clicking around I discovered some real gems. This young lady is exceptionally talented, and is a shape shifter in the style department. Bookmarked.

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