September 29, 2008

alphabet bags

2:55 pm in design,product dustin hostetler

the great people behind Keep Calm, have launched Alphabet Bags and the Manicule.

September 25, 2008

stealing from the rich / ABOVE

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ABOVE… Faesthetic 4 contributor and loooong time frend shares a new video

September 23, 2008


8:13 pm in art,faesthetic,zines dustin hostetler

You don’t pore over Faesthetic as much as pour yourself into it.(BB)

hot off the presses… it’s been a long time coming, and Faesthetic Nine is now available! #9 is the UFO themed issue, featuring over 25 artists, printed in black and fluorescent green inks, with original cover art by MARS-1. We’ve kept the price crazy low at just $10, and also kept it 100% ad free.

Thanks for all your support! #10 is just around the corner…

September 21, 2008

Zine Swap!

3:54 pm in zines dustin hostetler

Zineswap aims to be a resource through which people can swap their zines with one-another. Send them your Zines and they’ll send new (to you) zines back! It’s a great way to distro your own home-made zines to a new market of zine lovers around the world. neat-o

September 19, 2008


12:50 am in art,design,web dustin hostetler

as an artist who for many years maintained a daily/monthly visual diary online, and one who has many friends who to this day still do, im always interested to see how people approach the visual diary form.

when i got an email from “S” this week letting me know that his(?) new site was something i would be interested in, i was suspicious.. but as soon as I clicked the hyperlink in the email i knew i had found something special.

I work at a major stock photo company cataloging images. The majority of the stuff I work with will never see the light of day for no other reason than that most people don’t know it’s available to them. It’s a shame which I’m trying to remedy with this site. As an amateur designer, I occasionally can’t help but play around with the images I see floating across my desk on a daily basis. This site contains the results.

i personally think the format of the site, including the ability to see all of the original source elements used in the final artwork, as well as the honesty in the site’s story really refreshing. while we may never know if the story is in fact 100% legitimate, lets all bookmark schtock, and enjoy the ongoing abstractions.

September 17, 2008

sonmi sketchlapse

9:07 pm in art,video dustin hostetler

check out this fun timelapse of past and upcoming faesthetic contributor Julia Sonmi Heglund drawing. Always awesome to see artists at work…

fine line @ front room / cleveland

5:52 am in art events,faestfood dustin hostetler

this past weekend, i was lucky enough to be a part of a group show at the front room gallery. the theme of the show was artists who are also designers, and the eclectic mix of art in the show was fantastic.

prior to the opening, Ryan Santos took us to Pho Superior for the combo #4 which many say includes the best sandwich in Cleveland. I for one agree.

ive been involved in a ton of shows on both coasts, and there is something distinctly different about an art show in the midwest. the turn-out was great and everyone was really excited to see some new things…

Ryan Santos was a great cleveland host. here we see him posing in front of some of his own art. he’s taking some time off from visual arts, to focus on culinary arts. he’ll be opening his own natural catering business soon, and i look forward to having him cater our chicago gallery openings.

Damien Correll was also in the show, and showed up for the opening. as ive mention before, he’s a fanatastic artist, and it’s a thrill to see his hand-made work in person. he’s also a super great person, which is always a refreshing change of pace. make sure to check out his recently updated website.

anyways!… if you’re looking for some fantastic affordable art, hit up the front room, before they sell out the show!

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