January 31, 2008

carolyn alexander

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carolyn alexander

Carolyn sends word that she’s updated her website. It’s a mixed bag of work, but her illustrations are top notch. Im looking forward to seeing future updates…

fresh @ cerasoli gallery

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freddi c new

The inaugural group exhibition for the new Cerasoli gallery in Culver City, Ca opens Feb 9. Featuring the work of Ria Brodell, Michele Carlson, Marco Cibola, Jennifer Davis, Jeff Eisenberg, David Foldvari, Ryan Kapp, Dean Kessmann, Joshua Krause, Scott Meyers, Andy Mueller, David O’Brien, Hilary Pecis, Catherine Ryan, Theresa Sapergia, Suzanne Sattler, Andy J. Simmons and Jill Simonsen. A few of these artists have appeared in Faesthetic, and this gallery and show are worth checking out if you’re in the LA area. Freddi C knows what she is doing…

January 28, 2008


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i wanted to introduce you to siloette. friend of faesthetic, and one of my favorite graff artists (strike that) one of my favorite artists period.

above ~ south central tour

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above fall down

faesthetic #4 contributor (remember the air fresheners?!) is traveling through south & centeral america on a good-will mission from the next level. dude covers more ground that pretty much anyone on this planet. keep it up

mini miniature mouse

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even though i wish her samples were bigger, it’s nice to see fumi has updated her internet

keep calm

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keep calm

new lovely prints & updates up at Keep Calm


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happy 2008 from the french duo known as Lieuxcommuns

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