November 24, 2013


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Artist & filmmaker Florian Baron produced an engaging video installation for the Ashigara Art Festival in Japan. Inspired by the same principles of the installation, Florian created an app called Kaleidoclock.

‘KALEIDOCLOCK uses a circular screen that is divided into segments, similar to the face of a clock. The segments are showing footage of a camera facing the viewer. However, only one of them is in real time, and each successive segment has a time delay to the previous one. This setup lets the viewers playfully create infinite styles of visuals through combining – in one image – their present and their recent past.’



It’s a rather simple, and fun app, and I think worth the .99¢ price tag. Have kids in your life? I’m sure they’ll love it! You can save and upload the videos to all of your favorite social media outlets. Here’s my first experiment on instagram:

More info here: Kaleidoclock

November 23, 2013

What is Visual Literacy? via @ToledoMuseum

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“Visual literacy is the ability to derive meaning from images of everything that we see. Art museums can teach visual literacy skills because art is a language. It’s a form of communication. To be visually literate, you have to know the alphabet, the vocabulary and the grammar of seeing.”

via the Toledo Museum of Art.

November 22, 2013

Nobutaka Aozaki

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If you’re a fan of conceptual artwork, take a look at Nobutaka Aozaki’s portfolio.

shout out to @Nas

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November 21, 2013

.@polan at @coletteparis

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Amazing! Our pal Jason Polan is having an art show at Colette in Paris! Good luck Jason! Have fun buddy boy!

christopher labrooy

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I don’t normally link to 3d stuff, but this is rad.

catching up with @bradford_makes / Bradford Haubrich

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web wireless b boy

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