February 28, 2009

on the street

5:17 pm in art,photography,streets sam horine


cake has been getting up all over nyc recently with these beautiful portraits of friends and family. for all things cake, be sure and check out her flickr.

February 11, 2009

on the street

5:41 pm in art,photography,streets sam horine


what makes street art good? technical skill certainly plays a a huge role but in my opinion, it’s placement and wit that really elevate a piece. this “forced” colaboration between GAIA and SKEWVILLE is a perfect example of such. GAIA’s wolf is technically good, but it’s the addition of “look mom, I’m a street artist” that makes it memorable. seen in an increasingly popular alley near the factory fresh gallery in bushwick, brooklyn.

January 13, 2009

on the street

12:02 am in art,photography,streets sam horine


on the street is a new feature which will showcase street art in new york city as photographed by sam horine.

for the first post, please enjoy swoon in bushwick.