February 13, 2014

discovering @BeverlyFresh

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So I’m in Chicago on a business trip, and I’m staying at an AirBnB apartment. First thing I notice as I enter my room is this striking piece of artwork. It’s messy and angry but also full of lovely little details like cut pieces of patterned paper. It’s a college telling a story I’m not entirely sure I understand. And at the bottom of the print is a large signature screaming “BEVERLY FRESH.”

Of course I hit google, and immediately stumble upon BeverlyFresh.com. I was surprised to find that not only is this feller a visual artist, but he’s also a hip hop artist!

Not only is he a visual and hip hop artist, but he lives just north of me in Detroit! And not only does he live 45 miles away from me, make art and music I love….


Toledo, let’s work on getting this homeboy down for a visit and performance!

LA’s first legal mural in 10 years with @ogRISK & @OBEYGIANT

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Via the LAist… so cool.

February 12, 2014

crazy realistic paintings from @ben_weiner

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liquidcrystalpigment c6h9


via picdit

February 11, 2014

“VIBES MELT DOWN 2043” by @Struggle_Inc x @CaseStudyo

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Good lord this this is amazing! www.casestudyo.com

February 8, 2014

incredible: @PixelistArt

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My tiny little pea-brain is having a hard time comprehending how they can charge so little for this service. I’m currently scouring over my instagram feed to find the perfect picture to get commissioned as an oil painting! I wonder what they’d do with something like this?


This is a great time to be online. @to_dot_be #ToBeSelfie

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Screenshot 2014-02-08 15.26.47

Digital garment printing has come a long way! There are many amazing services available for “all over” on demand printing. So what makes TO.BE different? It offers the option to collaborate with friends. Upload your own images, and music for a truly unique fashion experience.

Pop on over to their tumblr for great examples of the garments they’re producing.

This is a great time to be online. to.be

“Spark in the void” @seewaynewhite limited edition print via @1xRUN

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At the time of this post, only 71 of 100 prints are still available, and it’s only online for another 16 days. If you’re a fan of Wayne White like I am, this is a great opportunity to get some of his work into your collection.

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