November 16, 2012

Fevin Petersons

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Amazing. (via Beautiful Decay)

November 15, 2012

Friends With You updates

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They’ve moved to Los Angeles, and updated their website!

RIP Justin Van Hoy & The Dutch Press

I am deeply saddened to pass along the news that a dear friend has passed away. Justin Van Hoy was one of the most motivated and focused designers I’ve ever had the privilege of calling my pal.

I met him when I first started publishing Faesthetic and producing my own artwork. We both starting hustling right around the same time and often shared stories and experiences related to the industry. When he relocated to Los Angeles I would pick his brain about all of the amazing people he was meeting.

Early on he worked for and with Shepard Fairey, and through Shep ended up having fantastic artistic relationships with crazy creatives like Mark the Cobra Snake. He also worked very closely with our mutual friend Roger Gastman.

He worked on several of Roger’s books, and through that experience he caught the publishing bug. Only recently did Justin’s brand new book make it to the shelves… Milk & Honey: Contemporary Art in California.

The publishing of this new book wasn’t Justin’s only proof that LA had accepted him as one of their own. His involvement with THIS gallery proved he was completely dedicated to his adopted city.

My heart goes out to his beautiful wife Holly. I am seriously seriously bummed about this loss. His long battle with cancer inspired many of us. He fought to live, and lived life to the fullest. Take a moment to remind yourself how wonderful it is to be alive, and tell all of your friends you love them.

Our friend Zach Gibson said it best… “so many people will be so sad today.”

Jason Sturgill updates!

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Great dude!

November 14, 2012

@hachisupply is live!

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Featuring art from SEEN, Tristan Eaton, Dalek, Tado and yours truly… Dog collars and leashes drop today, with dog beds up next!

HACHI Supply is an artist-driven dog supply company launched in 2012 by artist and designer, Shane Jessup. Every product is a collaboration between the company and talent from design, illustration, graffiti or apparel design backgrounds.

Out of his love for art and design, Shane Jessup created HACHI Supply to fill a void he saw in the pet industry. When he looked for collars or leashes for his 9-year-old dog, Cortez, Shane was unable to find anything that represented his lifestyle. He approached his friends—a collection of artists, designers, graffiti writers, photographers, curators, etc.–and they felt the same. There was nothing on the market that appealed to their unique sensibilities. HACHI Supply was Shane’s answer to that void.

HACHI Supply is named after the infamous symbol of a dog’s devotion to its human companion: Hachiko. Hachiko waited every evening for his owner to return from work at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, and continued to do so for nine more years after his owner passed, waiting to walk him home from work. A bronze statue commemorates Hachiko’s devotion at the Shibuya Station, and bronze paw prints mark the exact spot where he waited.

Shane wanted to return this undying devotion to Hachiko, Cortez, and all of our dog companions by creating HACHI Supply.”


SHERYO updates!

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I’m really digging all of her new murals! So fun!

@LanceSells updates Normal Natural

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I love this mother fucker.

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