April 6, 2012

Office Supplies Inc finally has a legit website

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One of my like… top 3? top 2? favorite street artists finally has a fucking real website with actual work samples. Love this dude’s work so so so so much. It’s like street collage.

Karolin Schnoor updates her website

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Caitlin Foster

12:52 am in art dustin hostetler

Caitlin Foster makes the nicey nicey out of Brooklyn, NYC.

Support Fionn McCabe’s project

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Fionn‘s kickstarter project has a week to go. Check it out! Support it! He’s a terrific artist.

Agata Dudek

12:40 am in art,design dustin hostetler

An illustrator with a killer portfolio from Poland.

Meghan Geliza

12:37 am in art dustin hostetler

A self described pop surrealist artist from Auckland, Meghan Geliza is certainly an up & comer. Another artist who’s portfolio I look forward to watching grow and evolve!


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