March 26, 2012

Paul Windle

7:37 pm in art,life,weird Daniel Fishel

Paul Windle makes a lot of crazy fantastical work. If you haven’t checked out Paul’s work, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday Bassen

7:25 pm in life,weird,zines Daniel Fishel

Tuesday Bassen work is really genuine and a lot of times really funny. She sell’s a bunch of cool stuff too. Also, you have to be a rad parent to name your kid “Tuesday”!

March 15, 2012

The weirdest place on earth

7:06 pm in art events,toledo,weird dustin hostetler

Toledo, Ohio. Home of Faesthetic and the weirdest place on earth.

Gluekit for Moleskin

2:23 pm in art,design,product dustin hostetler

pretty rad! available here

March 8, 2012

John Bailey

2:23 am in art dustin hostetler out of Grand Rapids, MI

March 7, 2012


2:50 am in art,design,zines dustin hostetler


sign up


I just ordered a year subscription…

March 6, 2012

Obama Poster Project

3:33 pm in art,art events,prints dustin hostetler

Regardless of your party line, this is an awesome project.

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