January 23, 2012

Benjamin Marra

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via Beautiful Decaygoddamn I love this dude’s work

John Karley

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Delightfully inconsistant, dreamlike illustration work coming out of London.

January 21, 2012

there are so many amazing artists in the world

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As a kid, I had it in my head that there were only 20 or so really important artists in the world, and we were supposed to idolize them, and put them on a pedestal.

Now, as I sit here putting together the contributors list for issue #14 of Faesthetic, I am somewhat overwhelmed by how many amazing artists there are in the world. Every day I discover new portfolios that just blow my mind. The notion of idolizing a small group of artists is gone from my mind.

Every artist is awesome, and we’re lucky, through the internet, to be exposed to such a staggeringly large amount of them. My brain is constantly being melted by you guys. Thanks a million for putting yourselves out there.

January 20, 2012

Relief Mural Project / Toledo, Ohio

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With street art, anything goes, as long as it’s not in a gallery. Quality varies, but as long as it’s made for the streets, it’s art! (and I’m perfectly ok with that)

The mystery of street art is part of what makes it so powerful. One day, out of nowhere, on your morning commute POOF there is art on a wall you pass every day. Where did it come from? Who made it? What does it mean?

University of Toledo’s Associate Professor Arturo Rodriguez got some kids together to put up wood block prints in Uptown Toledo recently. He documented the approach, and honestly… seeing the kids hang the work adds to the work. A team effort, put up in public places, sanctioned by the city… and it’s still street art.

January 19, 2012

Devitt Brown

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Andy Dixon

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Child like drawings and collage work. I really dig the drawings.

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