January 26, 2011

New ROJO® projects!

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NOVA the film: http://www.rojo-magazine.com/movies/
BIOSFEAR photo magazine: http://www.rojo-magazine.com/biosfear/
NOVA 2011 contemporary culture festival: http://www.rojo-nova.com/2011/rio/
Brookfield Urban Gallery curated by ROJO®: http://brookfield.art.br/

If I could restart life and live as someone else, I think I may relive my life as David Quiles Guilló from Rojo Magazine. He works on some of the most amazing, well thought out projects. Always refreshing, and always inspiring.

Damien Hirst “Forgotten Promises”

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I’d like to think I’ve always been somewhat indifferent to Damien Hirst. I like that he makes mass produced, somewhat affordable artifacts for the world, and I hate that he prices some of his work so high that he’s the only one that can afford to buy it. That said & claims of plagiarism aside, Damien Hirst is an incredible showman.

His new show in Hong Kong is no exception, and really speaks to me. I love the starkness of the display, almost like a science exhibit. His repetition of themes is constantly evolving, and the new baby skull covered in diamonds, plus the addition of the fetal skeleton with angel wings is awesome.

I’m no art historian, and I don’t know shit about the gallery world but if I was rich, I’d buy a Hirst original.

(via arrested motion)

January 25, 2011


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You’ve got to hand it to Justin Wallis… he really is into cutesy japanese inspired illustrations. Someone has to do it, and he does it well.

Russell Leng / crystals? rocks? mountains?

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Welcome to the crystalized world of Russell Leng. I like it.

Elena Gallen & Fuego ZIne

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Fuego, a young and well designed zine with high production values is worth checking out. While you’re at it, check out the funky website of Fuego’s co-curator & publisher Elena Gallen.

January 23, 2011

Mark Rubenstein’s Photography

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In this instagram world we currently live in, where everyone is a photographer, it’s great to remind yourself what a really good photo actually looks like. Mark Rubenstein has some solid examples in his portfolio. I love the mood he sets with lighting.

January 22, 2011

John Sloan

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The work of John Sloan is surprisingly thoughtful.

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