December 15, 2010

Erik Marinovich

3:00 pm in design Jon Contino

Hands down, one of the most talented designers/illustrators/typographers/letterers/everythingers working today is San Francisco’s own Erik Marinovich. You may also recognize him from his contributions as a founding member of Friends of Type.

Jacob O. Rolfe

4:01 am in art Jon Contino

The sketchy awkwardness of Jacob O. Rolfe’s illustrations create a surreal world that’s insanely satisfying to get lost in.

December 14, 2010

BLU buff at the MOCA / Context is everything

2:02 pm in art,art events,community,conversations,streets dustin hostetler

A lot of people are up in arms, because the MOCA‘s new director Jeffrey Deitch had a commissioned mural by Italian street artist BLU buffed. The mural was created for an upcoming “Art in the Streets” exhibition, but was taken down due to the sensitive anti-war message it portrayed. Politics aside, I think having a mural buffed before the show even opens is a perfect testament to the fragility of street art.

While it sucks it happened, it happens around the world every day. Amazing work is buffed before anyone beyond the artist has seen it. Under bridges, down alleyways and on roof tops. At least this BLU mural was documented, and will be a part of the MOCA event in printed materials and of course around the internet on blogs.

Will this buffing start a bigger dialog with politicians and art critiques about the value of street art? Probably not. But will this upcoming show? More than likely. And thankfully this buffed mural will be a part of that story. Context is everything.

Photo & story via the La Times via Artfagcity.

Keith Greiman

1:34 pm in art dustin hostetler

With nods to some of my favorite contemporary illustrators and painters, Keith Greiman’s portfolio has been put on my “DO KEEP AN EYE ON” list. Great work.

A depressing read

1:22 pm in community,conversations,web dustin hostetler

Myles Karr

6:54 am in art Jon Contino

Myles Karr is a tattoo artist and illustrator working in Brooklyn, NY. His blog is filled with twisted sketches and nightmarish ideas, a lot of which are translated into tattoos. Can’t argue with that.

December 13, 2010

Know Your Neighbor – Jason Polan

3:33 pm in art,video dustin hostetler

Video piece by Wnyc on our best bud Jason Polan’s ongoing project.

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