July 26, 2010


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Honestly, when I got a review copy of VICE magazine’s new photo issue, I wasn’t expecting much. AND honestly, a lot of the photography really isn’t all that great. BUT, there is something very mysterious about this new issue. It sucks you in. With full bleed color photography of “still lifes” taken by a surprising mix of talent, and ads mixed in, in such a way you don’t even notice them… this issue is really good. And it’s fucking free, so stop complaining and go find a copy for your own coffee table. Mine’s being used.

Karn Piana

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While Karn has some really interesting paintings, it’s the drawings that suck me in.

mother fucker knows how to draw

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hot damn. Iain Macarthur knows how to use a pencil.

BASTER has a weird website

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July 24, 2010

You’ve got the job

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Fun new video from Michigan’s own Charlie Slick.

July 22, 2010

toby neilan update

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I don’t know how he does it, but he does it real nice

Faile’s amazing Ruins in Lisbon

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via Wooster Collective, via DFLEKTOR, take a look at these amazing sculptures made by Faesthetic contributor FAILE. Out of this world. Click the links for some crazy photos.

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