June 17, 2010

Gluekit Bookends

12:41 am in art,design,lifestyle,product dustin hostetler

Editors note: I have a set of these and they’re fucking awesome

June 7, 2010

French Fourch

7:16 pm in art,design,zines dustin hostetler

French art collective and publishing house,
French Fourch has some cool shit going on.

Matt Scobey / Denver Mural

7:00 pm in art,community,streets dustin hostetler

Check out this sweet mural Matt Scobey just finished. Lookin’ good!

Ornithoblogical / Anna Raff

6:51 pm in art,web dustin hostetler

Daily image posts of birds & bird-like creatures…

Denis Carrier

6:44 pm in art,design dustin hostetler

Speaking of french illustrators, check out the work of Denis Carrier.

Richard Merrick

6:32 pm in art,design dustin hostetler

Based on his work samples, you’d expect Richard Merrick to live in Paris. Clearly influenced by the work of So Me & Parra, Richard put’s his own twist on ultra contemporary illustration work and based in the UK he has room to grow.

Eric Yahnker / Paris / Nervous Surf

6:17 pm in art,art events dustin hostetler

Taking a look at the photos from Eric Yahnker‘s opening in Paris… this is definitely going down as the number one show in Paris this year I will not be able to attend. Looks amazing. So well thought out. Shit.

cc: http://labellegalerie.co/

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