July 15, 2009

on the street

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The Brazilian twins (and some friends) collectively known as Os Gemeos have been painting on the corner of Houston and the Bowery for almost a week now. The wall has always been a graffiti hot spot – and last featured a reproduction of a Keith Haring mural that briefly adorned it in the 80’s

July 14, 2009


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cute… but very weird, I like the work of mDonada.

July 13, 2009

brewed for good times

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hell yes this shirt rules

July 9, 2009

if I lived in Toronto…

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if I lived in Toronto (which sometimes I wish I did) I would be attending the WOWEE ZONK opening (called Suicide Pact) at Board of Directors. It doesnt open until August 20th, which gives you plenty of time to clear your schedule for this show. Featuring the work of Ginette Lapalme, Chris Kuzma and Patrick Kyle… this show promises to rule. While you’re at it, buy some WOWEE ZONK comic books. Seriously.

header art

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if you hit refresh, you’ll see the header art changes! interested in making one for us? shoot an email to: info at faesthetic dot com and we’ll sort it out!

Maria Vladimirova

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Maria Vladimirova’s flickr account is worth looking through.


Fionn McCabe

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Fionn McCabe takes elements from some of my favorite illustrators and makes them all his own. I just wish he had some newer work samples up on his site so I can keep digging.

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