May 15, 2009

on the street

2:09 am in art,photography,streets sam horine


canadian street artist SPECTER recently stopped by new york city to drop off this hand drawn jewel. so good.

May 14, 2009

Siloette & Mel Kadel

3:29 pm in art,fashion?,garments dustin hostetler





this week at the Select Series we released two designs by two of my favorite female artist. One design by Mel Kadel and one by the most excellent Siloette.

May 8, 2009

on the street

6:49 am in art,photography,streets sam horine


the last time i ran into mbw – he was smoking marlboro lights outside of his installation at a fader sponsored cmj party (and instructing an assistant on where to paste). it was here that he told me of his plans for a large scale nyc show. on an assignment the other day, i ran into about 25 posters in ny’s meat packing district…from the looks of it, the show will open soon in a vacant warehouse on 9th avenue near little w. 12th.

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