October 17, 2008

nyc is a place to be

3:38 pm in faesthetic dustin hostetler

had a great time in nyc. thanks to 55dsl for having me out! got a chance to catch up with lots of friends and make some new ones. as usual, jason is getting his hands dirty with lots of complicated things. caught the banksy exhibit. pretty insane… art for arts sake is a rare thing these days. in other news, issue 10 is off to the printers next week… more info soon!

October 8, 2008

O/S (Operating System)

3:40 pm in art events dustin hostetler

sure the world is in a financial meltdown, and the environment is about to implode on us, but we still have art. really really good art. for example, we have Tim Biskup‘s opening this weekend in Paris at the Addict Galerie. if you’re a frenchie, you should go.

“With Tim Biskup’s new collection of sculpture/painting combination pieces he presents the duality of his recent work in a neatly organized fashion. Each of the twelve pieces in the exhibition are self contained units which include an original painting packed into it’s own shipping crate along with an elaborate pedestal that can be assembled using parts that come inside the crate as well as the crate itself. These “systems”, as the artist calls them, constitute a fusion of Biskup’s aesthetic style and his conceptual theories. The pieces are intended to represent the interconnection between art itself and the peripheral elements that allow it to exist. As a metaphor, the “systems” ask the question of weather the peripheral elements actually add to or distract from the the artwork being presented.”

October 6, 2008

skool of hard knocks / above

3:53 pm in streets dustin hostetler


October 1, 2008

park life @ subliminal projects

7:22 pm in art events dustin hostetler

opening this weekend at subliminal projects is a group show of epic proportions. featuring work by a ton of talent, including a bunch of my friends, the theme for the show is “What defines a community?” and is curated by Studio Number One. If you’re anywhere near LA, you have no excuse to miss this show.

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