September 16, 2008

the heros of burgertown

10:55 pm in product dustin hostetler

very frequent contributor to Faesthetic, and all around fun guy Jon Burgerman has his own line of toys coming out soon with the fantastic kid robot! awesome all around

September 15, 2008

gary panter / the three ploogs

6:10 pm in art,fashion? dustin hostetler

i feel very lucky to be able to work with so many artists ive looked up to for so many years. this week’s select design is no exception.. made by none other than mr. gary panter. he submitted his art painted directly onto sheets of acetate, like old school photoshop layers.

September 11, 2008

mark your calendars

5:14 pm in faesthetic dustin hostetler

September 10, 2008

the wizard’s hat #1

1:41 am in art,zines dustin hostetler

“The Wizard’s Hat is a 20 page bi-monthly zine created by Jeffrey Bowman and Andrew J.Miller to celebrate their love of illustration, design, art and mindless doodling. Its a platform for something new, fresh and inspiring, to showcase work’s from the art, design and illustration world including the un-known’s and known’s.” … priced super cheap… pick one up and get in on the ground level! these guys are really talented and deserve your support and encouragement.

September 8, 2008

Shepard Fairey Duality of Humanity

2:29 pm in art events dustin hostetler

we live in a bat-shit crazy world, and political & anti-war art has never been more needed or topically poignant. long time friend (and faesthetic contributor) shepard fairey has an opening this coming saturday at white walls in SF, and if you are in the area you really should go. nuff said

September 5, 2008

KRK Ryden

11:10 pm in art,art events,lifestyle,musik dustin hostetler

Last weekend, I had the extreme privilege of attending the 2008 DEVOtional in Cleveland Ohio. It was an intense day of DEVO madness, and I met some really fantastic (and fascinating) people along the way.

One of the reasons I made the trip out was for the opportunity to meet up with KRK Ryden. We talked about future collaborations, and I also had him sign my copy of The Brainwasher #1 (from 1983.) KRK was in town for his opening at the Asterisk gallery (some pictures from the show are above.)

KRK is a living legend, and it was great to finally meet him in person.


10:43 pm in art,art events,books dustin hostetler

Even though it’s been around for 18 issues, and has featured a ton of artists also found in Faesthetic I only recently discovered BLAB! for myself. Published by Fantagraphics, BLAB! is an annual coffee-table showcase of some of the best visual arts in the world.

If youre going to be any where near Santa Monica this weekend, you should really make a point of stopping by the BLAB! show. They are showcasing some epic work.. including the work of Chris Pyle (featured above.)

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