April 4, 2015

Zansky & Feira Plana

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Faesthetic #14 contributor Zansky sends word of a recent projects:

…I participated for the second year in the most important independent publications fair in Brazil – Feira Plana – with my selfpublishing project Edições de Zaster (Editions de Zaster). I lauched 3 new publications there, 2 of them in artisanal methods of screenprinting without burning screens, everything handmade!

Marfim Eloquente (eloquent ivory) an psychdelic novel screenprinted in 16 colors in colored papers by me (Zansky)

Gluten a work with opened package forms and overprints with 7 colors by me and the artist Renata Bueno.

Fortuna a risograph publication by me…




.@ROMKAMAG issue #9

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Photo on 4-4-15 at 6.22 PM

Romka is one of my most favorite zines. New issue is out now, and it’s terrific.

“Romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their most cherished photographs.”

January 29, 2015

! @DrawDownBooks & @cleonpeterson

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I received a care package from Drawn Down Books and now I want this goddamn Peterson book. Pre-orders be damned!

January 21, 2015

! @caferoyalbooks new release: Biddy Boys Ireland 1972

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Cafe Royal continues to pump out fascinating releases…

A new title by Homer Sykes is avaiable now.

Biddy Boys Ireland 1972
36 pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
edition of 150

September 27, 2014

A is for Zebra Alphabet Book by @ShittingtonUK via @rdngfrnzy

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They’ve already surpassed their Kickstarter goal, but it’s not too late to get in on the action! If you have kids, or friends with kids this is a great book to instill wonderful design aesthetics at an early age. Almost makes me wish I had kids. ALMOST.

It’s a fantastic book to pick up for your adult friends as well. It’s a beautifully designed piece and I’m stoked it will see the light of day! It’s awesome seeing Kickstarter used for publishing projects.

If you’re not already hip to Portland’s own Reading Frenzy, swing on by and check them out! Also, make sure to check out the work of Sean Tejaratchi, the talented designer behind A is for Zebra.

Let’s Make Language, an artistic research project by @TobiasGutmann

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letsmakelanguage.com by tobiasgutmann.ch! Click for more information!


September 26, 2014

.@romkamag Issue #9 call for entries!

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“… if I was to take one photo to a lonely island, I would bring hers.”

From their website:

Send us your most valued photograph and share the memory behind it. The best or worst night of your life, a person you love or a friend you have lost, your scariest road trip or the first place you felt home.

There are no restrictions as to what kind of photographs can be submitted. We love brilliant 4×5″ large format, but we also love crappy phone snapshots and everything in between. This is not about impressive photographs, but about those that are especially close to your heart.

The story is just as important as the photo itself and can be anything from a single sentence to a short story, anything from a little anecdote to an intimate memory.

You can submit up to three images and stories via email: submit@romkamagazine.com

text should be in English
photos should be JPEG, < 2?MB
please do not zip your files
don’t forget to include your full name
Deadline: December 1st 2014

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