January 27, 2014

lots of cool things to look at via @JOEYFOURR

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“There is a blog called Sexbeat which I have a comix series on , you can see some here and here. I also run a small press studio called Crumb Cabin, zines and music are available here!” ~ www.joeyfourr.co.uk


January 2, 2014

“Anything you can think of, I can paint it” @davidchoe

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David Choe is up to some pretty interesting things. You can tell he’s just having as much fun as possible, and enjoying every minute of his life. He is a living, breathing art project. Video above not make any sense? Hit totallynotgay.com for the backstory. It’s pretty odd, and as the videos go on you start to get sucked in. Very strange things happening.

At the time of this blog post, he’s up to episode 88 of his web series DVDSA with an amazing rag tag cast of characters. You can see the entertainment industry slowly creeping into all aspects of his public life as an artist.

Haven’t had enough? Travel back in time to 2012 and visit The World’s Best Ever to read an interesting post about his favorite place to eat.

While he doesn’t update his website much, you can follow him on instagram and twitter for tons of “Choey” stimulus. I’m really enjoying this ride, and hope it never stops.

December 22, 2013

Write A House / SUPPORT THIS

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Write A House is a twist on the “Writer’s Residency.”
In this case, the writer is simply given the house, forever.


December 14, 2013

.@alantutorial amazing @youtube performance art

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While I’m sure this isn’t the actual account of Boogie Boy, good lord this performance art gives me the shivers and oddly makes me think of Devo or Harmony Korine… Really awkwardly thrilling youtube performance videos

November 28, 2013

My favorite comic books. A twitter convo w/ @derekmballard

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November 27, 2013

Punctuation & Grammar via @SuperPreshArt

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Fun new print show at Super Precious.

Above image by Ryan Frease.

November 24, 2013


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Artist & filmmaker Florian Baron produced an engaging video installation for the Ashigara Art Festival in Japan. Inspired by the same principles of the installation, Florian created an app called Kaleidoclock.

‘KALEIDOCLOCK uses a circular screen that is divided into segments, similar to the face of a clock. The segments are showing footage of a camera facing the viewer. However, only one of them is in real time, and each successive segment has a time delay to the previous one. This setup lets the viewers playfully create infinite styles of visuals through combining – in one image – their present and their recent past.’



It’s a rather simple, and fun app, and I think worth the .99¢ price tag. Have kids in your life? I’m sure they’ll love it! You can save and upload the videos to all of your favorite social media outlets. Here’s my first experiment on instagram:

More info here: Kaleidoclock

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