January 5, 2015

Mark Mothersbaugh Eyewear

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Faesthetic #13 contributor, and all around one of my biggest heroes, Mark Mothersbaugh has launched a new line of spectacles and I’m in love.

Not only are they made out of beautiful resilient metal, but the models / designs are wonderfully quirky in the most perfect way. You can own them without fear that they are made for Motherbaugh’s face. They look as good on you as they do on him.

I had a press pair sent to me, and was frankly depressed that the model size was too small for my head. Thankfully a coworker and good friend was happy to snap them up and jesus… just look at them. So good. So shiney. So nice.

So why is Mark an idol of mine? To say he is a renaissance man would be an understatement to his impact on the world. From DEVO, to his visual art, to his huge impact on pop culture in the form of soundtracks… and now his serious take on fashion… The man is the man. When I grow up I want to be Mark.



December 14, 2014

.@kanyewest Sweat Shirt via Business Model & @verygoodsco

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June 19, 2014

Amanda Lanzone

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Amanda Lanzone is an illustrator based out of Queens, NY in the Far Rockaways. Her work has people who have good fashion sense, sexually charged and is often times a reflection on adolescence. When you get the chance you should check out her work: amandalanzone.com

February 8, 2014

This is a great time to be online. @to_dot_be #ToBeSelfie

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Screenshot 2014-02-08 15.26.47

Digital garment printing has come a long way! There are many amazing services available for “all over” on demand printing. So what makes TO.BE different? It offers the option to collaborate with friends. Upload your own images, and music for a truly unique fashion experience.

Pop on over to their tumblr for great examples of the garments they’re producing.

This is a great time to be online. to.be

December 3, 2013

printalloverme by @bytheco

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The slickest on demand printing site for clothes out there.

Above example via bodegaprint.

November 3, 2013

Detroit made @shinola

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Screenshot 2013-11-02 20.28.07

Screenshot 2013-11-02 20.27.02

Damn! American made quality and craftsmanship at it’s finest. Based just 45 minutes north of us in the dirty D. I love the branding and details on the watches. Lovely!

November 1, 2013

.@steakmtn for @vannenwatches

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