February 8, 2014

This is a great time to be online. @to_dot_be #ToBeSelfie

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Screenshot 2014-02-08 15.26.47

Digital garment printing has come a long way! There are many amazing services available for “all over” on demand printing. So what makes TO.BE different? It offers the option to collaborate with friends. Upload your own images, and music for a truly unique fashion experience.

Pop on over to their tumblr for great examples of the garments they’re producing.

This is a great time to be online. to.be

December 3, 2013

printalloverme by @bytheco

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The slickest on demand printing site for clothes out there.

Above example via bodegaprint.

November 3, 2013

Detroit made @shinola

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Screenshot 2013-11-02 20.28.07

Screenshot 2013-11-02 20.27.02

Damn! American made quality and craftsmanship at it’s finest. Based just 45 minutes north of us in the dirty D. I love the branding and details on the watches. Lovely!

November 1, 2013

.@steakmtn for @vannenwatches

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July 15, 2013

.@adidasoriginals #adidasmutombo

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Shout out to Adidas Originals for the surprise 20th anniversary #adidasmutombo pre-release.

These are insane!

July 2, 2013

#WPClassTrip with @WarbyParker & @staceyrozich

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Warby Parker is on a cross country bus ride, exploring different cities and interacting with interesting people along the way. They recently profiled one of our favorite artists while visiting in Seattle.

Looks like they are hitting the midwest later this year… maybe we can convince them to swing by Toledo on their way to Detroit! :)


February 26, 2013

@LouisVuitton remains relavent…

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… and always will as long as they keep up with these amazing collaborations!

“Louis Vuitton has invited three personalities from the world of street art to give a new look to its emblematic scarves. Under Aiko, Retna, and Os Gemeos‘ impulsion, the giant silk scarf, the stole and the regular silk scarf devote themselves to a new look, with inscriptions and colors bursting with style.

See the full collection and interviews with each artist at vuitton.lv/VtANwD

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