January 28, 2014

Sad Stonewash: A Video Mulch- OFFICIAL TRAILER

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Sad I missed this by 3 years. Looks like the DVD is long since out of print… I could watch this kind of stuff for days!

December 19, 2013

Secret Headquarters @theSHQ

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In LA? Check this awesome shop out!

December 1, 2013

The day Barney the dinosaur was killed

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November 27, 1997

October 30, 2013

The Idea Box

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I’m Ulises Farinas. I was thinking about what I’d want to write, but i usually find writing for it’s own sake, to be difficult and laborious. I need parameters, i need goals, i can’t just sit down and think “Here comes some hot fiyah’ made of words!” On Mister Misses, those parameters are set by the questions that I’m asked. Other times, something has moved me to anger and i gotta just rant it out. Rarely, do I enjoy anything enough to recommend it to others. Every time I’m asked, what’s the last great thing I’ve seen, read, experienced, etc. it’s always a memory that’s already 6 months old.

I’m not satisfied with comics, with movies, with popular culture. But mostly, I’m not satisfied with myself. I’m not a good enough artist, or a story teller. I can draw more, draw bigger, and draw better. I can keep my head down, aim for mediocrity, and succeed beyond my mildest dreams. I work in comics, and its an industry that rewards mediocrity. You draw your books, you do them on time, and you don’t aim for the stars, you don’t miss the moon. At the end of the day, a successful cartoonist is most likely middle class, poorly dressed, overweight and devoid of any true creative endeavors. You’ll get excited when your creator-owned comic is just another spiderman knock off or a pastiche of your own life through a cheap filter, and you’ll raise your money on kickstarter, or sell it on comixology, and tell people about it at after parties.

And then you’re home, you count how many business cards you have left, you get in bed, you got nothing. An overpriced apartment in brooklyn, a hangover, and the accomplishments of a 15 year old going on 45. That’s the fear that gnaws at me every evening. This is unacceptable.

For many years, I’ve wanted to write about my Father, but he’s still alive and i often feel like if i write about him, its like I’m writing an obituary. So rather than talk about the life he lead, I’ll talk about the things he still teaches me. Maybe first of all, fuck being a poor artist. Grow up poor and you’ll get all the education you need. But it’s bigger than that. In an effort to keep these things at the forefront of my mind, I’ve conceived the Idea Box.

The Idea Box is everything i’ve learned about being an artist that has nothing to do with picking up a pencil. There’s a million books about how to draw anatomy, how to draw comics, there’s art school for cartooning that teaches you how to use a xerox machine for $35,000. And really, it doesn’t amount to shit if at the end of the day, you’re done drawing your comic, and all you can feel is ‘Now what?” So i won’t focus on those things, when i finally put down my pencil and i’m done with drawing for the day, its not some rhetorical question. Every night, i ask “Now what?” and i have to be okay with the answer. How i arrive at that answer, will be the Idea Box.

I’m Ulises Farinas, you can find me here –





August 1, 2013

Artist Survival Shack by @AdamStennett1

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In recent years, I’ve been trying to have a better relationship with nature. Instead of vacationing in a big city, or somewhere exotic, I’ve chosen rural northern Michigan with it’s endless trees, trout streams and the occasional rifle and shotgun blast. To me, waking up amongst pine trees and simply doing nothing more than thinking and being… it’s so much more refreshing than dining out and going shopping. The thought of making art, while in remote locations had never occurred to me until I chanced upon Adam Stennett‘s Artist Survival Shack.

Conceptually it reminds me of a burning man art project, something that puts the artist through extremes in order to produce something beautiful. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of Adam’s experience.


From the press release:

Adam Stennett – Artist Survival Shack: One Month Installation / Endurance Performance, August 1 – 31, 2013. In cooperation with Jess Frost of Glenn Horowitz, East Hampton, NY 

August 1, 2013, Adam Stennett will begin a month-long installation / endurance performance living and working in a 6.5 x 9.5 foot, off the grid artist survival shack at an undisclosed location on the east end of Long Island. The supplies, food and water he arrives with will be the only supplies he has access to and he will not leave the area for the duration of the performance (one month). The focus of his stay will be to survive physically and spiritually and to create a body of work. The off-site performance will be followed by an exhibition featuring the shack itself, related paintings and artifacts opening September 7, 2013 at Glenn Horowitz in East Hampton, NY. http://www.glennhorowitz.com/gallery/adam_stennett1

link to the original project proposal http://www.adamstennett.com/artistsurvivalshack.html

follow a daily journal see video of the shack at artist survival shack journal http://artistsurvivalshack.tumblr.com

For further information:

Jess Frost, Director
Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc
87 Newtown Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937
T: 631 324 5511
C: 646 391 5663

To schedule a discreet visit to the artist survival shack email artistsurvivalshack@gmail.com

for more information on the work of Adam Stennett http://www.adamstennett.com

July 5, 2013

“Everything Will Be Okay” – An Epic Documentary about ALS

Please consider joining my friend Patrick on his epic journey. The film is almost complete and needs your help!
—> click here

Keep up with the project on FB: facebook.com/EWBOK.POB

February 19, 2013

mcgarveybarlow A new food blog

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good friends of Faest have started a new food blog & you should take note: mcgarveybarlow.com

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