April 26, 2016

Stunned by the work of @runefisker

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March 27, 2016

Universal Passport

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For its first artist’s edition, Studio Carmin created – echoing the internationnal news and immigration policies – a universal passport, limited edition 1 / 7,367,431,901 : exact number of humans on Earth in real-time during its creation.

This work speaks about the issue of free movement of peoples, in contrast with the arbitrary borders between them and spaces, sources of tensions and misunderstandings.

Studio Carmin proposes a universal vision of territories and its occupants.


March 26, 2016


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Photography and Graphic Design: Comes Cake
Girl: Daniela Lopez
Lighting assistant: Boris Nieto F.1

January 3, 2016


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October 19, 2015

Mila Script by Georg Herold-Wildfellner via @MyFonts

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Screenshot 2015-10-19 15.16.51

Mila Script Pro family is 80% off at MyFonts til October 25:

August 3, 2015


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100for10 are artists monograhphs of 100 pages each, for only 10 Euro.

The art project was initated by Melville Brand Design in Munich, Germany in 2015. They invite international artists to join the project and create a monography of their artwork — the authors define the content and the design. All books are available via print-on-demand (Lulu.com) in Black and White. This way no storage-costs incur and sustainable producton is ensured.

The works center around the fields of art, illustration, graphic design, photography and fashion. It’s a continuously growing collecton that features renowned artists as well as young up-and-coming talents.

Super fucking cool. 100for10.com

Ross Holden updates

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Faesthetic #4 contributor Ross Holden sends word about his new body of work.

After spending almost four years travelling the world, Ross is now back in the UK and has spent the last 12 months working on this whole new batch of work where he draws inspiration from the many places he has seen and the people he has met along the road. Photographs and memories combine to produce a pool of material from which this new series has emerged. It reflects on cultures and attitudes encountered as well as on the personal journey of discovery that travel induces. The transition from a nomadic lifestyle to a static existence runs like an underlying theme throughout the work. The next series is already in the making and will be continuing to draw from the vast source of material gathered around the globe.


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