September 4, 2014

.@JohallaProjects presents VARIOUS FADES by @StephenEichhorn

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As I was leaving the office, a bright pop of color caught my eye from across the hall.


I stuck my head into the Johalla Projects gallery to see what they were hanging, and got a chance to shake the hand of Stephen Eichhorn.

Viewing his collage work online, there is no question it’s striking. Seeing it in person, it’s almost overwhelming. If you’re in Chicago, make a point to check out this show.

Check out his Tumblr for more work…





Opening Reception: Friday, September 5 from 7-10pm

Johalla Projects is very pleased to present VARIOUS FADES, an exhibition of new works by Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn. In his first solo presentation since 2012, Eichhorn reexamines his practice, producing collages that further complicate the dimensionality of the picture plane. The exhibition will run from SEPTEMBER 5 to OCTOBER 12.  An opening reception will be held on Friday, September 5 from 7-10pm.

Stephen Eichhorn’s method to making is at once quiet and intense. By working to establish new constants in his practice, Eichhorn manages to arrive at the unexplored — a middle ground that is overgrown and elegantly exotic. Here, the environment where Eichhorn’s current work resides is formal in its clustered stratification, hearkening to both gestural painting and the constructed photographic image. In this sense, spatial ambiguity becomes a steady, invigorating force that pulses through the exhibition.

More so now than ever, the works in VARIOUS FADES exemplify Eichhorn’s keen sense of cultivation and compositional play – they seductively writhe, bloom, and swell, all while achieving an unnerving constancy. Moreover, the artworks range in size and include many large-scale pieces, which in turn has enabled the artist to erect his signature plant forms with a hyperconscious sense of balance between broader imagery and smaller, more intricately cut paper plant parts. For the exhibition, Eichhorn will install his works in simultaneous response to the gallery’s architecture and to the specificity of his materials, thus endeavoring to create a viewing experience that calls for an extended look at the vivid plantscapes.

August 18, 2014

GO FOR IT @heyitsmatthew & mosnart team up in South Chicago. CC: @rebuildfdn @uchicagoarts

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I was with some friends, looking to explore Chicago. Specifically we were looking to see some of the art that is bubbling up in South Chicago.

We wanted to check out all of the sites Theaster Gates and the Rebuild Foundation are working on. Since the Arts Incubator & Gallery didn’t open until Noon, we decided to drive south and explore the Historic Pullman neighborhood without a plan.

As soon as we pulled off the highway, fate felt pulled directly into the neighborhood. Practically out of nowhere we arrived at a most epic installation / work in progress by my friend Matthew Hoffman in collaboration with Mosnart.


After we explored Pullman, we slowly headed back up north and checked out the thought provoking “How To Make A Hood” exhibition curated by La Keisha Leek at the Arts Incubator gallery. It’s open until October, and if you’re in or around the city you should stop by!


It was a great day in Chicago. The city is HUGE and full of life. As Matthew Hoffman suggests in his new installation, GO FOR IT. Get out there and explore.


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