June 19, 2014

Amanda Lanzone

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Amanda Lanzone is an illustrator based out of Queens, NY in the Far Rockaways. Her work has people who have good fashion sense, sexually charged and is often times a reflection on adolescence. When you get the chance you should check out her work: amandalanzone.com

June 18, 2014

Baron Fig Inspirational Posters

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Most inspirational posters are kind of lame but recently Baron Fig launched a poster project that changes that. Baron Fig wanted to create posters that represented a celebration of the makers spirit. So they asked a bunch of illustrators and designers to create a poster based on a quote and a simple color pallet. 100% of the proceeds from the posters go directly to the artist.

Click here to see all of the posters and possible buy one yourself.

Oh and Baron Fig is a company that makes beautiful sketchbooks too!

April 12, 2013

Hellen Jo!!!! Super Punx Watercolor Paintings.

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Hellen Jo is an illustrator based out in California whose work is super punx and is all done in watercolor. If you haven’t checked out her work or haven’t bought one of her zines, I highly recommend doing one or both of these things.

April 4, 2013

Jensine Eckwall

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Jensine Eckwall

Jensine Eckwall is an illustrator and print maker based out of Brooklyn, NY whose work is nothing less than exceptional.

Check out her work here: http://jensineeckwall.com/

Follow her work on tumblr: http://jensineeckwall.tumblr.com/

February 11, 2013

Lily Padula

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Lot’s of great, honest work by Lily Padula.

January 29, 2013

Timothy Goodman – 2Pac Mural

2:41 pm in design,dreaming,music,video Daniel Fishel

FlexFit / 2Pac mural from Timothy Goodman on Vimeo.

Check out more of Tim’s great work here: http://tgoodman.com/

June 5, 2012

Scott Bakal

1:51 pm in illustration,life,lifestyle Daniel Fishel

Believe it or not, Scott Bakal has been working as an artist for almost 20 years. His work feels as fresh and energetic as something made by a twenty-something year old, which is something that all artist want to accomplish. If you haven’t seen Scott’s work before, check it out! It’s really good: http://www.scottbakal.com/

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