February 11, 2009


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Opening this friday at the Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn is our home-girl Maya Hayuk‘s first NYC solo show. If you’re in the city, its a mandatory show to check out.


“Stepping into Sexy Gazebo, a new installation by Brooklyn-based artist Maya Hayuk, is like putting on kaleidoscope glasses and walking down a warm plant-filled tunnel towards a fireworks show of radiantly bright neon-colored rorschach tests that emit a healing glow on its viewers. Bold, vivid colors flow effortlessly into each other to create symmetrical abstract works of power on paper, wood and on the walls of the gallery. Interwoven into these abstractions are traces of textiles, body orifices, time travel, macramé, totem poles, holograms and Maya’s own Ukrainian heritage. Fearless and intricate line work explode into self-invented mandalas, pushing, pulling and dripping into one another and joyfully dragging us into the void, Maya’s void, a place where love triumphs over evil, guitar solos ring out endlessly, cactuses wear ray bans, and believing is BELIEVING.”

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