June 19, 2014

JAIMIE WARREN via @artfcity

4:52 pm in art,video dustin hostetler

I just had the great pleasure of spending 20 minutes watching the most absurd of videos. Check out this post by Art Fag City for more info on why it is in fact quite a normal video, even if it really feels… weird.

Jaimie Warren’s work feels really familiar, mostly because I am a child of the 80’s and her absurdist take on art harkens back to an era when weird was the norm.

There was a time when things like 1980’s Forbidden Zone were almost normal? Crazy and groundbreaking for it’s time, but there aren’t many contemporary artists touching this kind of stuff.

Anyways… If you’re not hip to Jaimie’s work, check out her website. There are some stunning self portraits. Here she is as a pretzel!



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