October 25, 2013

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE by @dallasclayton @putnambooks

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If you’re like me, and you’re in your mid 30’s with no kids, the notion of reading or even relating to a children’s book seems a bit far fetched. But of course, you can vaguely conjure up the memory of settling in to a reading session with your mom or dad. Reading aloud with a loved one provides a very distinct emotion.

I experienced that emotion last night, as I read It’s Never Too Late aloud to my wife. Written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton, it’s a fantastic “kids” book aimed squarely at adults, reminding us that life is in fact precious and fleeting. I suspect children would enjoy this book as well, but I highly recommend you pick up a copy for the adult loved ones in your life.

As the title states, it’s never too late. Carpe diem.

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