October 4, 2013

INTERNET PEOPLE by @AndyBoreholArt

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Photo on 10-4-13 at 5.50 PM

My apologies for the terrible pictures, but I am currently working out of a red utility closet and the lighting in here is terrible.

Photo on 10-4-13 at 5.51 PM

Photo on 10-4-13 at 5.51 PM #2

Andy sent me this zine a while back. It’s from a show he recently had at Cafe Pyrus, which is some sort of hippy art friendly spot in Ontario. The zine is filled with b&w drawings of people’s faces. Based on the title, I will assume these are just random people he found on the internet… perhaps they are his facebook friends. It’s hard to say, because the zine itself gives very little context, and that’s partly why I like it so much.

Andy has a very unique style to his illustration work. It’s almost “wood cutty” in it’s approach. You get the sense he spends a lot of time on his craft, and it’s fun to get lost in the details.

Anyways… head on over to Andy’s Tumblr and try to figure out for yourself what the heck this zine is all about. While you’re there, go digging and take a look at some of his art.

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