October 4, 2013

WEIRDO by @lastgaspbooks

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I recall vividly finding the box of underground comics my father had collected in the 60’s in my grandmother’s basement. Mostly black and white and filled with sex, drugs & mind bending illustrations. That box of comics committed me to comic & zine culture and I’ve never looked back.

Founded in 1981 (I was just 4 at the time) WEIRDO helped further the underground scene that exists to this day. There is a need for publications like WEIRDO. There has to be a place for up & coming artists to define their voice through strange experimentation.

Faesthetic exists in part because WEIRDO existed. Buy “The Weirdo Years” from Last Gasp, and celebrate our collective weird past. Check out this great post following up on where some of the artists from WEIRDO ended up.

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