October 3, 2013

I get the most amazing things in the mail

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Photo on 10-2-13 at 9.50 PM

Photo on 10-2-13 at 9.50 PM #2

Approaching my house today, I saw that my mailbox looked FULL of mail. The top lid was open, and I suspected I had received some sort of package. Soon I realized it wasn’t a package, but some sort of Art Print gently stuffed into my box.

I get zines and packages all the time from artists around the world. It’s not uncommon to get an envelope from Japan on the same day I get a postcard from New York. Publishing an art zine for 13+ years has it’s privileges for sure. But until today, I had never received a print, postage paid in the corner with no packing materials. Pretty cool!

Long story short, I have no idea who sent this to me. Taking a look at the return address, and doing a quick google, I find this Portland based band with a quite terrible website: tricksensei.com

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