September 6, 2013

“The Dave Kinsey Story”

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Dave & my paths have crossed a few times, whether or not he realizes it.

I’ve always been a fan of his work. More than likely he doesn’t remember, but back in 2000 right after I graduated college I had a phone interview with him at Black Market. I had sent out my (quite juvenile) portfolio, and was CONVINCED I was going to get a job in LA. Sadly, the interview didn’t go very well, and I ended up staying in Toledo. No complaints, but it was a defining moment in my early years.

A couple of years later, via all of the friends I made on the internet, I was out in LA visiting and I popped in to Black Market to see a friend (Grace) who was working in the office and vividly recall him popping through working on an art project.

Few years later, and I was in town as part of a group art show. I met his significant other for the first time, and during a dinner he popped in for a moment. Years later he still looked exactly the same. Curly hair, ageless, focused on something beyond what was happening at the moment.

I’ve been following the progression of Dave Kinsey’s work for going on 15 years, and it’s been amazing to see the evolution of his basic themes. Familiar faces and body parts appear throughout the years, but the colors and details intensify as time goes on. His current work is breathtaking but also expected. It’s part of a clear and natural progression.

I hope someday I can welcome an original Dave Kinsey piece into my home, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy this video from Arbor Collective. It’s a fantastic wrap up of the ageless Kinsey, at this particular moment in his life. There are some terrific glimpses into his work process.

The Arbor Collective visits Dave Kinsey at his home studio in the Western slopes of the Sierras, where he talks about his background, influences, and process in creating current works of art. Named by Complex Magazine in 2012 as one of the 100 most influential artists of the past decade, Kinsey is known around the world for his street art, graphic design, and fine art pursuits. Kinsey’s artwork has been frequently used in collaborations with Arbor Skateboards, Snowboards and Apparel. Watch the video to go “Between the Edges” and get to know Arbor Collective artist, Dave Kinsey.” ~ press release

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