May 14, 2013

Damion Silver & Scotty Albrecht “Wood and Pulp”

12:48 pm in art,art events dustin hostetler



Colab is pleased to present “Wood and Pulp,” a two person exhibition by Damion Silver and Scotty Albrecht.  “Wood and Pulp” features new bodies of artwork, including collage, assemblages, and works on paper.  The artists’ works share an intricate use of found objects and carefully wrought wood and paper.

Silver and Albrecht both have backgrounds rooted in design as well as influences and techniques derived from traditions of crafting by hand. While there are strong commonalities in the artists’ processes, “Wood and Pulp” demonstrates distinct approaches in their use of material and the resulting forms.

In the process of creating “Wood and Pulp,” Silver and Albrecht found unexpected insights about the other’s work.  Viewers will share this sense of discovery around how the highly considered works communicate and diverge.

 A common point of departure for “Wood and Pulp” is the concept of balance. Meticulously formed materials, whether derived from wood or paper, come together to form a larger composition.  Many of the materials, imbued with their own past memory and meaning, take on a personal significance in the resulting work.  While there often inherent context in the underlying material or iconic form, each artist distinctly draws upon these, then recomposes and presents their own records that recontextualize and communicate anew.

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