November 2, 2012

Launch Pad Cooperative

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I just got back from the closing of Alison Parsons’ show “What goes up must come down” at the recently opened Launch Pad Cooperative in Toledo. The space is the perfect size for a one or two person show, and Alison’s work filled it up nicely.

I really like how the lines and shapes of Alison’s work carried over to the edges of the pieces, and in some cases even ended up on the walls. Above you’ll see Alison with a few pieces that she encouraged the attendees of her opening to modify. She plans to go back and paint on top of what the people drew in, in hopes it helps her create new processes and approaches to her own work.

Lots of cool things going on in Toledo, Ohio. Thankfully we have places like Launch Pad Cooperative to help contribute to the dialog and community.

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