February 19, 2012

Kaufmann Mercantile

9:55 pm in design,product dustin hostetler

As someone with a fierce love of quality made objects, I’m always seeking out new tools, weapons and gadgets. I’ll admit, I do spend most of my money online at Amazon.com mostly because I can compare and contrast so easily.

The problem with Amazon, is it lacks a curatorial voice, and you’re always taking a risk when you buy a new product. Having a trusted  curatorial voice makes shopping easier, and thats where Kaufmann-Mercantile comes in.

Surprisingly, not only do they offer some amazing products, but their prices seem to be lower than the same items offered on Amazon.com Prices aside, I would love to go through their warehouse and play with everything they offer.

I very much look forward to seeing how this site grows. Sign up for their newsletter, and get a $7 off coupon! I just did.

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