January 21, 2012

there are so many amazing artists in the world

11:59 pm in art,conversations,faesthetic dustin hostetler

As a kid, I had it in my head that there were only 20 or so really important artists in the world, and we were supposed to idolize them, and put them on a pedestal.

Now, as I sit here putting together the contributors list for issue #14 of Faesthetic, I am somewhat overwhelmed by how many amazing artists there are in the world. Every day I discover new portfolios that just blow my mind. The notion of idolizing a small group of artists is gone from my mind.

Every artist is awesome, and we’re lucky, through the internet, to be exposed to such a staggeringly large amount of them. My brain is constantly being melted by you guys. Thanks a million for putting yourselves out there.

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