December 1, 2011

Little Printer

2:46 pm in product dustin hostetler

I appreciate the notion that “print is dead,” but there are a lot of us fighting that idea tooth and nail. The Little Printer fills a print void I immediately knew existed in my life after watching the above video.

Years ago, working from home, my life was completely wired. Computers everywhere, stimulus always on. These days, on my commute to the office, and during those first few minutes settling in, I want some quiet moments of reflection. Turning on my iPhone certainly helps, but I really prefer to flip through a couple of pages of the NYT.

With the Little Printer, I see myself looking forward to pushing print as I’m rushing out the door. Headlines, top friend news and puzzles? Sign me up! And with recycled rolls of paper readily available on Amazon it’s ecological foot-print is tiny.

Fun fun fun… Print is alive, and fun! Sorry trees!

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  1. so epic I can’t even describe it

    Comment by owen — December 3, 2011 @ 2:35 am

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