June 9, 2011

Jason Polan / NYC / New show

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Our best buddy Jason Polan has a new show opening tonight in NYC!

Nicholas Robinson Gallery is pleased to present the debut New York solo exhibition of Jason Polan.Polan  has lived in New York since 2004, making the life of the  city and its inhabitants one of his principal subjects.  His drawings and projects have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, McSweeney’s and ARTnews. He has made over 76 books, including ‘The Every Piece of Art in The Museum of Modern Art Book’. Polan is currently drawing every person in New York.

The principal theme of the exhibition is availability; namely how art is usually made available to the gallery audience, and how the artist’s availability is in turn limited within (or by) this context.

The exhibition will consist of three parts. Part 1 is the work made in between the confirmation of the exhibition and its commencement (which  will be visible at the opening). Part 2 is the month the artist will spend in the space working, and Part 3 is the final month when Polan will produce work both within and outside the gallery premises, adding and editing as he sees fit in the refinement of the exhibition’s content.

“I will be in the space working for the first month of the exhibition.  I will go home to sleep, but will try to spend the entire time the gallery is open in the space.  I will have a desk I will work from as well as a tabletop copy machine to make works and new small editions of books as the show progresses.  I will have the materials around me that I like to make work with. I will make drawings, paintings, sculptures, books, and more while I am in the space. I will talk to visitors (if they would like to) and their presence will affect the exhibition in different ways. I want to have a couch in the space.  I want it to be an inviting environment.  I will produce work for a period of time before the opening of the exhibition and will continue to produce work after the opening.  The art show will be different every day.

While in the space, I will work from a desk. People will be invited back to the exhibition to see how it changes. There will be a bookstore/shop offering self-published books and other small constructions and sculptures.

I think a lot about availability, about how the artist is usually separated from the viewer and in this exhibition I will be there. I will have conversations with the people who attend the exhibition. They will be affecting the art.”

Opening Thursday, June 9, 2011 from 6-8pm
Exhibition June 9 to July 30, 2011

Nicholas Robinson Gallery
535 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011


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