May 17, 2011


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As a young man, I used to practice the art of graffiti. After a couple of arrests in high school & college I accepted I couldn’t run fast enough not to get caught and switched my focus from walls to paper. That being said, due to my upbringing, I’ve always had a super soft spot in my heart for graffiti. I still drive around town excitedly and anxiously looking for new throw-ups and murals in Toledo.

Along the way, I’ve put together a short list of my favorite graff artists. I’m not going to put them all down here, but I will say CYCLE is absolutely one of them. What’s funny is… while i’ve followed his work during visits to NY, and in magazine pages for YEARS… i’ve never thought to look him up online.

And what do you fucking know… he of course has a website of some of his latest and greatest works.

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